FIrst Impressions - The Foyer

Last time I blogged about how important first impressions are with your home. I highlighted the front door and ways to enhance the look for making an impact when people arrive at your home. This week, I want to focus on making a great first impression once your enter the home. The foyer is your chance to seal the deal and wow your guests from the start.

I suggest using a simple formula when decorating your foyer. This is a great way to pull together a look that will shine, be inviting and functional.

Furniture Piece + Wall Piece + Lighting + Rug + Personality =
A Great Foyer

1. Furniture Piece - I suggest beginning with a Furniture Piece. This usually sets the stage for a grouping. A console / foyer table is the most common choice. However, cabinets, buffets or chest of drawers work well too. Don't limit yourself to this though. Benches or even a chair are a good choice too. All of these options fill the space and provide function like a place to set your keys or even offer a place to take your shoes on/off. Be sure to consider the scale of the piece. Make sure the door can open without hitting anything and that there is plenty of room to walk through.

2. Wall Piece - The walls need to be addressed second. You need to decide on either using art, a mirror or even a mixture of both. I personally love a mirror especially if there are windows. The light really bounces around and you can always check how you look before opening the door! A great variation is the use a large floor mirror. This certainly adds extra impact. However, art is always a good idea. Place one large piece or even try a gallery wall. If you want to mix a mirror and art, try a mirror in the center and flank it with smaller art.


3. Lighting - Consider the lighting above you and beside you. The ceiling fixture is a wonderful way to make your entryway shine. There are so many options available at every budget. Don't just go with a boring builder grade fixture. Try something that makes a statement! If you have a table, add a single lamp or even a pair. You can also add a floor lamp next to a bench. Lamps are nice especially in the evening. There are times when you may only want the lamp lighting. This type of  lighting looks nice and adds extra warmth to your foyer's look as well.

4. Rug - Using a rug is a great way to add softness to your foyer. It's inviting to step onto a soft surface versus a cold hard floor. Of course it's practical too. No one wants stuff tracked into their home! No need for the rug to go wall to wall.... just make sure you can actually step on when you enter.

5. Personality - Adding personality to your foyer is last but definitely not least. This can be done in so many ways. Color can add lots of personality. This can be on the walls, the furniture, accessories or even the rug. Think about the tone you want to set for your home. The overall look / style should be evident in this area. It is in fact the introduction to your home's style. The space should also be a reflection of you. Try adding personal items like family pictures, special items from a loved one or even a souvenir from your travels. Doses of personality make your space unique and keep it from being boring.

Try using this approach to formulate a perfect foyer for your home. You may have to play with it some. Designers don't always get it right the first try. We move things around a lot and play with options. You'll know when it looks right. So go for itand make a great first impression!