Spring Clean and Decorate - Kitchens

As we continue our discussion on spring cleaning and decorating this month, I want to focus on the kitchen. A few messy areas in the kitchen are often the countertops and pantry. Cleaning up these areas can make your kitchen not only look prettier,  but will make it function better too. 


I personally don't like a lot on my counters. I have a few small appliances but recently added one other item. A tray next to the stove top. This idea is great for your "go to" items while you cook. Mine has two utensil holders. I chose 2 to help separate and organize my utensils. My kitchen doesn't have enough drawer space in it so this was a good option for me. Even if your house does have lots of drawers, I find this makes it easier to find pieces. It also makes your utensils in arms reach while cooking....when you need them. So clean out your drawers. Get rid of utensils you don't use. Consolidate and place them in a pretty container on a tray.


Don't stop with just utensils. Add other items to the tray like a few of your favorite spices and oils, a cookbook or cutting board. This may free up some space in your cabinets too, killing 2 birds with one stone. The tray corrals these items and gives you the opportunity to make a pretty vignette.  Now these counter top items can be grouped together in one tidy space instead of being spread out all over.

The pantry is another great place to spring clean. Organizing the pantry is the perfect project to declutter and make it pretty. There are so many ways to approach this. My favorite way is to select containers of your choice and use them to categorize items. This instantly makes your pantry more functional and finding items will be a breeze. It also helps let you know when you are out of an item. Be sure to label the containers too. This detail adds the finishing touch to this project. Take the time to check expiration dates and discard items that you just aren't using. Clean out and group like items. Place kid friendly items lower for easy access too.




These simple ideas can transform your experience in the kitchen. Organization and order are pretty to me. It's just pleasing to the eye. Take the time to try these ideas and see what you think!