Spring Clean and Decorate - Porches


Well now that spring is here, it's time to clean up your outdoor spaces. These areas get a lot of abuse from the cold weather. If you are like me, my outdoor spaces are neglected when I'm not using them. So take this time to freshen up and get it ready for a new season of use.

Start with just a general cleaning. Sweep the porch, get rid of cobwebs and pressure wash if need be. This is the perfect time for starting with a clean slate. Then we can add the fun stuff!

Beyond the basic surfaces, take a look at your furniture. It most likely needs a good wipe down. If it is a painted surface, you may need to add a fresh coat of paint. Think about using a new color. It's fun to mix it up and a new color may give you an updated look at the same time. Many items can even be spray painted. Regardless of the method, make sure your paint is good for exterior use. It will hold up much better this way.



Now if you have cushions or pillows, try washing them. If they still look too weathered or faded, it's time to replace them. Try to mix up your fabrics. Don't do everything in the same pattern. Choose a primary pattern or color first. Then mix it with colors that are within the pattern or try mixing in a complimentary pattern in a different scale. Use one for the main cushions and then the others for accent pillows. Many stores offer coordinating options to make this even easier. Be sure to include a coordinating umbrella too if you aren't in a covered area. 



Outdoor rugs have come a long way and are really practical. They provide a soft and cooler touch for your feet. They also can protect the surface underneath from the elements too. Most outdoor rugs can even be washed with mild detergent and a hose. So if you have one, give it a good wash off for the season. If you don't have one, try adding one to your space. It really helps make the space feel like an outdoor room and much cozier.


Don't go to all this trouble and forget the accessories. Adding these final touches makes a space complete. Use flowers or plants, colorful pots, outdoor curtains, lanterns or some string lights overhead. Nothing says fresh and springy like pops of color from flowers and lights for some evening ambience. Get out there and take time to clean up your outdoor space. You'll be glad you did when you can sit back and enjoy a lemonade or other beverage 😉  out there on a hot day!