Spring Clean and Decorate - Laundry Rooms

I ran behind getting my blog written this time. Ironically, I'm late because I spent a good part of my day doing laundry for spring break, which is what I planned to write about this week. As I washed and folded I thought about this post. I hate to tell you to clean in the very room where so much cleaning already occurs. So instead I'm going to make some suggestions that make the task a little easier and prettier.

Sorting laundry is a big task especially if you have a family's worth of laundry to keep up with. My favorite idea is to have designated laundry baskets for sorting. If you keep clothes sorted by colors, you can quickly throw a load in at any time. Try labeling your baskets for a decorative touch and a simple way to organize the loads. 




When you are sorting clothes, be sure to check pockets. Try having a jar for any spare change or various items that are hidden in pockets. 




For pre-washing, have all your stain removal tools in easy access. A tray or basket provides a consolidated place for all these items and quickly turns them into an accessory.

I personally like to have a container for all those "lost" socks. It makes finding the mate so much easier. The clutter is gone from on top of my washer & dryer with simply adding this container. So much cuter than a pile of socks!


Lastly, I hang many items to dry. Whether the items are delicate or you just don't want them to shrink, make sure you have a way or place for hang drying. This way you don't have to duck under all the clothes hanging from on top of the doorway!!! Here's a few examples of places for hanging, especially if you have limited space. Once again, these hangers become another accessory in your laundry room. Cute and functional. 




All of these suggestions are fairly simple and inexpensive. Adapt them to your space for a fresh, clean & organized look this spring! Maybe it will make doing your laundry just a little more bearable.