Spring Clean and Decorate - Bathrooms

As we tackle another area of your home, the bathroom, let's clean up with some cute and functional decorating ideas. We all have a lot of items in our bathrooms. It can get cluttered quickly. Whether its your bathroom, the kid's bath or your guest bath, we all want it to feel clean. There's nothing yuckier than a messier bathroom! Organization can go a long way into making your bathrooms feel fresh and clean. Take a look at these ideas to get you started.

Toiletries....there are so many. Makeup, lotions, soaps, cotton balls, medicines....the list can go on and on. Well its time to go through these items. Many products expire. So first off, check expiration dates and discard items that are no longer good. Next step, find a way to group items that works for you. This can be grouping by the type of item, group by the user, or group by items used everyday vs. items used occasionally. You'll quickly see how much space you need for these groups. If you've been reading my blog, you know by now that I like using containers. Here's another room where containers are the solution to form and function. These pictures show how varied it can be, but ultimately putting your group of items in a pretty basket, jar or on a shelf can elevate your bathroom decor instantly. So what are you waiting for? Try these ideas in your home today!


Use storage baskets to create art for your walls.

Roll up towels for pretty decor and a spa feel.

How cute and colorful are these hat boxes?!



Mason jars are an inexpensive option and very on trend!

Glass jars make items for guests easy to find.



Try placing items near your tub....make your items easily accessible where you will actually use them.

Unique spin on a ladder with shelves.

Tiny shelves by the sink make great use of waisted space.

Try a wine rack for towels!

Tiered containers maximize counter space and act like mini shelves!