Spring Clean and Decorate - Command Centers

It's hard to believe it's already March! That means spring is just around the corner. With the beauty of spring comes the chores of "Spring Cleaning". Uggh! I dread heavy cleaning like this. It's a necessary task that can really make a difference in your home but it's no fun. So to make it a little better this year, I thought why not combine it with some purposeful and functional decorating. I'm always motivated by getting something new for the house! So I'll share some ideas on this subject all month long.

I don't know about your house but one area that needs attention in mine is all the paperwork. This includes daily mail, bills, school forms and coupons to name just a few types. These items always end up all over my beautiful kitchen island. The clutter drives me CRAZY! So my mission began....we needed a "Command Center". I wanted this to be a designated drop zone for all these papers.  I needed organization and solutions for the clutter. 


I fortunately had a perfect place in my house that needed a facelift and purpose anyway. This area was intended to be a bar/butler's pantry. It was awkward with the lone wine rack cabinet and bothered me from the first time I saw it. A command center in the place made lots of sense for us. The location was perfect and I knew I could make it work. 

We already painted the cabinets since this picture was taken to a nice grey. So, then the wine rack had to go. Now I had a clean slate. We repaired and painted the wall. Then I decided what all I wanted here. I knew I needed some organizing bins or baskets for the papers. I also wanted a charging station for electronics, pens and papers for my lists and a place for our keys. The big decorating touch would be a large chalkboard. I knew this would be extremely functional and would look good. 


We planned out our space and bought very inexpensive supplies. We made the chalkboard with MDF, chalk paint and 1x4 boards we stained. We also made the basket organizer. I purchased two metal baskets with label areas. We attached these to some scrap board and finished it off with hooks for our keys. I love the way it all turned out. Plus it has proven to remove our clutter. It has a place of its own now and looks pretty instead now!



Command centers come in all shapes and sizes. Make a list of your needs to determine what suits you best. These photos show some creative ways to locate command centers and clean up the paperwork clutter. See, spring cleaning like this doesn't have to be dreadful at all!