Love Your Home Again - Carve Out More Space

Do you love your home but it's not quite meeting your needs anymore? Do you need more space? Or wish you had a place for____? Well look a little harder at your home and rethink your options. You may be able to carve out a space in an unexpected area.

Many people have a hard time finding an extra place for their work, hobbies or even play in their home. You may only have room for the main functions. Well you may be surprised how much you can do with a small space. Take a look at your closets. That's right, your closets! It's amazing what you can do with a simple underused closet. Consider closets as a useful nook or even a small room. It's amazing how some simple planning can transform a closet into a solution to meet your needs.

Try closets in hallways, in rooms, or even under the stairs. Closet doors can stay on or be removed depending on your desired use and look. Here are some photos to inspire you. There's everything from offices, to craft rooms, reading nooks, playrooms and even mudrooms. The possibilities are endless!

The closet solution doesn't stop here. Your issue may be NOT ENOUGH closet space. Well I have an idea for that too. Do you have a spare bedroom or small room that doesn't get used much? Why not transform that space into your dream closet? That's right! Why waist any space that doesn't really get used? Here's some more inspiration for you..go create a fabulous closet out of your spare rooms.

I was amazed by the creativity in these photos. I hope they'll encourage you to look at your space and find a way that you too can transform your home. These "new" spaces you carve out can be the answer for loving your home again!