Love Your Home Again - Highlight Your Favorite Feature

Think back to when you first saw your home. I'm sure there was something that drew you to it. Something that made you excited about living there. Was it the overall style, the size or a special feature? Maybe it was all of these things but that special feature could be just the ticket to loving your home once again. 

My suggestion is to focus on that feature. Or should I say bring the focus TO that feature. That's right, highlight the detail you fell in love with. Start by identifying that feature or if there's more than one, begin with your absolute favorite. This could be the fireplace, the kitchen island, the large picture window in the family room or even the porch for example. I'll discuss some simple ways to give these pieces the attention they deserve and create a fresh look at the same time.

My fireplace with whitewashed bricks. 

The Fireplace:  a focal point in many homes. The architectural feature that grounds the room and offers a grand way to make a statement. If you loved the brick, wood mantle or the large hearth, let's make it stand out. Try adding new accessories to the mantle, like candles or something green. Many people "stage" the hearth for even extra coziness. Try adding a decorative basket with logs in it and stack pillows or a blanket for snuggling up in front of your fire. These really set the mood and certainly draw attention to this beautiful feature in your home. If you've tired of the brick color or mantel think about a simple makeover. Paint does wonders on brick and wood. Try white washing the brick for new look. I did ours and I absolutely love it! (Lightly brush watered down paint on the brick until you get the desired look! So easy!!)

The Kitchen Island: also known as the heart of the home. People dream of homes with large kitchens and a great island to gather around. What better place to prepare food and socialize. If this is your spot, add a little pizzazz to it. There are so many fun bar stool styles today. How about changing yours to a fun new style or color? Or shine a new light on it! Replace your lights above the island. Again what a great way to highlight this feature and bring in some more style. It's always good to have a centerpiece of some kind. Fresh flowers are always nice, but consider a tray or tiered container for fruits, vegetables or even herbs. This offers both beauty and function!

The Large Window: bringing in great light or a view. The best way to highlight windows is with window treatments. My favorite way is using long drapes. They simply "frame" the window. It draws your eye to it like a picture, complementing it, while still letting the light or view shine through. You can go solid, use a pattern or even have special trims. No matter your style, the use of long fabric panels softens the box of the window and really finishes it off. 

The Porch: a great place to relax. Whether it's the front or back porch you loved, my advice is to make it usable. Many people don't decorate it or even have furniture on it. Or if they do, it likely needs freshening up because of the weather over time. Why have it if you aren't making it comfortable or inviting? It really is like another room in your home. Think about how you'd like to use it. Add some chairs or a swing. A portable fire pit is great for gatherings with friends and family. Colorful pillows or cushions make it comfy and plants are always the right accessory. Add inexpensive outdoor lights and you'll want to be out there as often as possible.

These are just a few ideas. Obviously, your favorite feature may not be mentioned here. My suggestions will apply to numerous aspects of your home that you may want to highlight. Just experiment with ways to draw your eye to them and give them an updated or fresh look. Search Pinterest for ideas specific to your feature for ideas too. Remember this is your home. Do what makes you happy when you see it. Rekindling your affection for this feature will definitely increase the love you feel for your home once again.