Love Your Home Again - Personalize It

As I thought about this series on loving your home again, I knew I had to discuss personalization. I tell people that your home should always be a reflection of yourself. That means the things you love, your style and treasures. People should be able to learn a little about you just by being in your house. You should never be afraid to include these things in your design. It may not make it a "model home" or what you might see in a magazine and that's OK. It's your home and including these personal items will make you happy. That's a sure fire way to help you love it again.

Most people have some personal items in their home already. I suggest using them in a new way. Trying a fresh approach can shed new light on these items and make them seem new or more current. Below are some ideas on how to do this.

Try enlarging one or a few of your favorite photographs. A great way to showcase pictures is using canvas wrapped prints. This is surprisingly affordable and adds a contemporary flair to traditional photos. This is great for family photos or even travel pictures. Once you enlarge pictures, it's amazing how they suddenly become art. Consider doing these photographs in black and white for a more artistic look or even try splitting up one photo into several canvas wrapped pieces for a fun and eye catching look!

Another idea is to create a gallery wall. Grouping photos together in a large arrangement adds importance and impact. It's a great way to unify a mixture of items too. Try doing frames in various sizes but with same finishes. Gallery walls can also include various mediums. You can have art, photos, mirrors, letters and printed keepsakes. This is a great way to display an assortment of items or a large collection. Do this sparingly though. Choose just one place for a large gallery display. Look on Pinterest for tons of ideas on how to arrange and hang your gallery wall.

Lastly, use trinkets, souvenirs or keepsakes as accessories. I have some of my grandfather's paint brushes and rulers. I love them and the story they tell of his artistic abilities. I've been trying to decide how to showcase them. I guess its time I use my own advice and find a place for them. Experiment using items like these around the house. They could be displayed on bookshelves or a table. Many people have books or a grandmother's bowl. Maybe you have an award, baby shoes or a carved wood box from your trip to China. Any item can be used as an accessory. Try placing a personal item in each room instead of a candle or a plant. You will be surprised how incorporating personal touches throughout your home will make it feel cozy and more precious to you. Again, don't get carried away....a little goes a long way.

These simple ways to personalize your home will make you love your home again. You can't go wrong surrounding yourself with things you love, your passions and your memories!