Use Your Wardrobe for Decorating Ideas

Many people don't even know where to begin when decorating their home. They freeze and become overwhelmed with decisions. You don't have to fall victim to this problem. Just look to your closet for the answers. Fashion and home decor have always been closely related and can be the key to unlocking your own decorating style. 

Decorating a room is a lot like picking out the perfect outfit. Your closet says volumes about your style and what works well together. You may have heard this before, but it is so true. By simply looking inside your closet, you can discover a formula for home decor tailored just for you.

1. Color - When you look in your closet, do you see a lot of similar colors? People tend to gravitate towards color palettes. You may have several pieces that are blue. They may not all be the same blue, but you obviously like shades of blue. Use this clue! If you wear these colors often, you like how they look and feel good in them. Naturally, you would most likely enjoy having them in your home too. This does not mean that all your walls have to be blue or even that you must choose a blue sofa. This can be just an accent color.

2. Color Pairings - Think about picking out an outfit. What do like to wear with that light blue shirt? Is it your khaki pants or brown skirt? This is exactly how you can select a color palette for your room. Choose colors that work well together in your clothing but pay close attention to your use of these colors. Do you tend to pick bold colors as the main pieces? Or are your selections typically more classic? If you like the light blue shirt with khaki pants, then you probably like a softer and more traditional color palette. If you wear lots of red dresses, you may be happier with some bolder colors in your home.

red fashion_decor.jpg

3. Accessories - Rooms need accessories or accents just like outfits. Many people think about jewelry as their finishing touch. In a room, adding a pop of color or metallic finish can make all the difference. The room becomes more interesting and not so flat. Think about a colorful necklace that you like to wear with that light blue shirt and khaki pants. The coral color in your necklace may be the perfect choice for pillows. It can add a small pop of color to an otherwise muted color palette. The gold toned earrings can be the perfect choice for helping you to select the frame on a mirror or brass lamps. Men too, think about your belts, ties, shoes and even baseball hats. These are accessories too that can translate into your room just like the jewelry. 

4. Patterns - Another great trick is to look at the patterns in your closet. Do you have a lot of stripes? Or do you have bold graphic patterned blouses? These too are items to use in your home decor. I personally love stripes. I have numerous shirts that are striped. I recovered some chairs in my den and chose a small neutral stipe pattern for the fabric. It was a great choice and one that I know I won't get tired of any time soon. Many people love graphic patterns. These are excellent choices for pillows. Small doses of these graphic elements are a fun addition to a room just like they are to your outfit. Be sure to think about balancing the use of your patterns. If you choose a large scale pattern, mix it with a small scale pattern and a solid. A great example would be to think about men's suits with the dress shirt and tie.

5. Trends - A final consideration when using your wardrobe to help select home decor is thinking about trends. Many people include the latest trends in their outfits. This may be evident if you buy new clothes all the time. Or do you buy new jewelry and shoes each season. Some people buy items that have the latest pattern trend like chevron. Others stay with clothing that is timeless and doesn't go out of style. Most people are somewhere in the middle though. They have classic pieces that they mix with new trendy items. Consider how you tend to treat trends. You may not want to purchase a club chair covered in chevron. You may tire of it quickly or next year it may be out of style. The better choice might be a more classic fabric for the chair and an accent pillow with the chevron pattern. You can easily change the pillow when a new trendy fabric comes in to style.

It's not as overwhelming when you begin to approach your room like building an outfit is it?? These are just some tips to consider when you select home decor. Your closet contents tell a lot about your tastes and tendencies. Be sure to use it as a valuable tool when beginning your next decorating project.