Brass is Back

You always hear that fashions come back around. Well that is often true in home decor as well. Metal accents are a perfect example. Brass is everywhere once again. I recall brass being all over our house when I grew up. When I heard about this new trend, I immediately thought of 80's brass door knobs and chandeliers....yuck. Well think again!

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Brass does not have to be all over your home. Small touches can bring a sophisticated accent that is current and classic at the same time.  Brass accents provide a luxe feel when placed in small doses. Choose a few items to sprinkle in your home to make a statement and bring instant sparkle. 

Don't be afraid of mixing metals either. When your pieces are not "matchy-matchy", your space will have a more time collected feel. Think about what you can change or items that need to be added to your space. Consider a brass version for these items. Great examples are contemporary lighting done in a brass finish, sleek trays, candles, hardware for furniture and cabinetry or even an accent table. Try searching flea markets and salvage stores. Many people discarded their brass in the past. There are so many treasures to be found at budget friendly prices. I hope you will try adding something brass in your home. This is an easy trend worth trying!