Preparing For Your Interior Design Consultation


Interior Design work begins with a consultation. This is an important step in the design process and can set the tone for your entire project. While you are relying on the design professional for ideas and guidance, you should take some time to prepare for your consultation. Designers need to listen to your needs, desires and concerns. I will ask many questions during the consultation to gain a better sense of your style and use of your space. Take some time to consider a few key areas and you will be more pleased with the experience and end results of working with an interior designer.

Determine Your Budget


This is often one of the most difficult questions for my clients. Many people do not know realistically the cost of achieving the look they are after or are afraid to be honest. So they often just say, " I am not sure." I personally pride myself on achieving affordable design and making the most out of any budget . I am confident that I can work within your budget whether it is big or small. Either way, deciding on your budget beforehand and being open to share this with me is critical.  This key decision will guide all of our design choices and will make this process much smoother and more enjoyable. 

To Stay Or Go?

Another important decision when decorating is deciding what pieces can stay or go. Don't ever assume that everything must go and you have to start all over. A fresh eye can often suggest another use for a piece of furniture or another place for artwork. Many times, furniture can be updated with new upholstery, paint or even throw pillows. Take time to consider what items must stay and what you may be willing to change or replace.

Gather Ideas

Many people do not know how to verbalize what they are wanting when decorating. Clients often have a picture in their minds of what they want. Even if you are not completely sure, there are easy ways for me to help identify your tastes and design goals. Take some time to look at magazines or the internet to gather images of things you like. I find that Pinterest is a wonderful resource as well. These pictures will go a long way in helping you and I to be on the same page for your interior design plan.